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Cleo Higgins, Manchester based Singer Songwriter.

Known for her explosive live performances, powerfully beautiful voice Cleo is a class act.

Debuted on our TV screens as the lead singer songwriter of Cleopatra (Comin' Atcha) at the tender age of 14, the Sister trio became an international success. Signed to singer Madonna's record label,

they went on to gain a string of hits as well as starring in their own TV Sitcoms 'In The House With Cleopatra'. The sisters supported 'The Spice Girls', performed for the pope at the Vatican and even became the faces of make-up maverick 'Covergirl'.


Cleo has since taken to a solo career and made her first mark singing 2 duets with classical tenor Russell Watson.


Recenty Cleo has gained a new following and gathered her die hard fans, gracefully clearing her way through a highly publicised singing television show as a competetor!

She set the bar extremely high for any contender!

Being hailed as a fashion icon and Britans answer to singer Beyonce, Cleo Higgins has proved her worth as an artist and is finally recording what will be her 1st solo record.



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